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REH Public Notice

DeWitt Hospital is applying to change from a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) designation to a Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) designation. 

REH Conversion

What does this mean for DeWitt and the surrounding communities? 

Community members will not notice the change.  Please continue to utilize DHNH for all your healthcare needs.  We will still provide our current services including Emergency Room, Respiratory, Lab, Radiology and can keep you in our hospital when the need arises.  As always, if you need a higher level of care than we can provide, we will transfer you to an appropriate setting.

What about staffing changes? 

No one is losing their job because of this transition.  Business as usual!  Same staffing levels as before.



What adjustments will DHNH have to make to comply?

If you need to stay in the hospital, you will be admitted to the hospital for an Observation stay instead of an Inpatient stay.  You are still staying as long as needed and getting the care you need. 

If you need to come for “rehab” services, this will now be provided at the nursing home, instead of in the hospital.  The terms “swingbed” and “skilled nursing” are interchangeable. 

Why is DHNH changing designations?

The REH designation is changing the way that DHNH will get paid.  This is a good thing.  The CAH model has been broken for many years and reimbursements have declined while costs continue to rise. 

Summary:  The designation change will be seamless and behind the scenes.  The community will not know the difference; however, the hospital will be reimbursed differently. 


DHNH is a vital part of this community, and this will help to assure the longevity of the hospital.

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